Monday, June 13, 2011

Florida Vacation

     It has been over a week since I returned from my vacation in Florida at my good friend Taylor's house. I really needed the break, and spending my time with fellow fruit loving and positive people just made it all the better.

Best dinner ever! A raw stew: heirloom tomatoes, 
sun-dried tomatoes, organic sweet corn, mango, dill, and okra.

Served with romaine leaves. Voila!

      I also got to experience fresh and perfectly ripe tropical fruits that were bursting with flavor.

Florida Papaya. . . such vibrant color!

My first time trying sapodilla. Like eating brown sugar. =D

And I spent plenty of time at the beach working on my tan. 

 Stayed out to long on the second day and got burned. However, it has now turned into nice golden brown, so I can't complain.

A bunch of us had a huge sweet corn eating contest. 
Between the five of us we consumed an approximate total of 90 ears of corn.

The awesome banana trees that Taylor had planted at his parents house. 

     Now that I am back home I've spent my days packing, training, and writing. I must say that getting ready to move has proved to be more of a job than I though it would be.


  1. Cool! When you said Vero Beach I was wondering if you were visiting Taylor.