Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Omaha pictures are in!

     I finally received the link to download my race pictures from the September 25th Omaha Marathon and Half Marathon. I'm feel a little emotional "sting" when I think about not finishing the full, but I keep reminding myself that my next chance at a marathon is only 6 months away, and I'm not planning on letting the colder weather get the best of me this time! =)

     Like I said in my previous post though, I'm glad I stuck it out long enough to at least finish the half. I would have felt even worse if I wasn't able to complete anything. So here are the professional pics:

At first I was felt the cold (it was making me numb)
 but I was still doing ok at this point.

About an hour into the race it might have been sunny but it was still freezing to me. 
I couldn't get warm, and by this point you can tell be my face 
that my muscles were cramping up. At this point I really wanted to quite.

However, I came to this race to finish a run, and wearing my "Go Vegan!" 
singlet really encouraged me not to stop until I finished something. So I  pushed through it, determined to at least complete the half.

The finish line is in sight! I remember thinking, "come on Amanda! Give it all you've got, your almost done. I know your in pain but you can do it! Just a few more feet." 

Another metal to add to my growing collection. =) 

     Be on the look out for another post Sunday night. I've have/had fun plans for this weekend that I'm squeezing in between homework and training. Stay tuned...

     Later guys!

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