Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in the Raw 2009!

     Well the lovely autumn day where people gather together to feast and give thanks to God has finally come and gone. This year was my first raw Thanksgiving and it was probably one of the best Thanksgivings I have ever, or will ever have.

     If you will remember, my mother is on a high raw plant based diet, and my brother is vegan/occasional vegetarian. Anyway, my family and I had also invited over a couple of friends to join us for our Thanksgiving meal so we wanted to be sure we had enough cooked and uncooked food to go around. To make this happen, it was decided between my mother and I that she would do all the baking and the cooking, and I would do all the uncooking.

     Thanksgiving morning I got up and went to work in the kitchen. My mom had been in there the night before, baking some vegan bread for stuffing and vegan pumpkin pie, so it was my turn for the kitchen. I washed all the fresh produce, and over the course of about three hours proceeded to make:

1. Raw Cranberry Sauce  

2. "Not Pumpkin Pie" from via Swayze Foster's suggestion (kudos to both you guys!)


3 & 4. My signature Rawslaw & a big bowl of mixed greens (butterhead, romaine, baby spring mix, dandelion, & alfalfa sprouts)

5. A nice veggie tray: red/yellow/orange bell pepper, corn, peas, shredded carrot, cucumber, radishes, and soaked edamame beans.

6. Tomato Bruschetta (forgot to take a picture of this)

     After cleaning up the kitchen when I was finished, my mother came in to finish up her cooking and made stuffing (from scratch) and smoked Tofurky, cashew gravy, green beans, and golden baby potatoes.

     When it was all done, my mom and I put everything out on the kitchen table.

     Not long afterwards, our friends arrived. We all piled the food onto our plates, and headed off to the dining room to enjoy our food with some Synergy Strawberry Kombocha! My plate looked like this:

     For dessert I had my "Not Pumpkin Pie" with a side of cranberry sauce (my memory card was full at this point. So no picture). It was so good!! Yummy yummy. . .  I went back for seconds. LOL :D 

     The Rawslaw was a big hit and our friend Scott said he really liked how it wasn't greasy, oily, or "heavy" like traditional coleslaw. Everyone (besides my brother because he didn't want to try it) really liked my pie, and LOVED my cranberry sauce. They all agreed my cranberry sauce was better than the canned stuff. This made me so happy!!! :D

      In summation I would say that my fist raw Thanksgiving was a success! Yaaay! Later everyone, and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!

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