Monday, May 10, 2010

I Gardened Today!

Loosing the soil to pull up all the weeds.

Taking ash leftover from the fireplace. . .

And taking Organic Blood Meal. . . 

Mixing it together. . .

And spreading it onto the garden soil.

Then taking this. . .

Spreading it onto the garden soil. . .

And raking it in to mix with the garden soil. 

Now it's time to plant the tomatoes! 

Ta da!!!! :-D


  1. Yay for gardening! It's gonna be great! We'll be planting our tomato plants soon - can't wait!

  2. Yay! We made compost tea for our garden and our zucchini plants are already twice the size they were a week and a half ago! I can't wait for all our other plants to grow, because then I can eat all the vegetables I want and not be worried about how exspensive organic food is. :)