Sunday, May 9, 2010

Recap: The First Week of May

     Hello everyone! Can you believe it?! The first week of May had already flown by and Summer is just around the corner! I've been very busy this past week and I just feel so excited for whatever may await me in the coming months.
     Let's start with last Sunday. I spent a good part of the day doing my laundry and some CSNN homework before going with my mom into Atlanta later in the afternoon. She had some errands to run and dropped me off at Perimeter Mall where my favorite clothes store, Anthropologie, is located. I rarely ever buy anything in the store due to the price, but I love to look and take pictures of stuff I like with my camera!

     This time I did actually buy something because I needed a new pair of shorts. I would have bought a pair somewhere else less expensive, but all the other shops I looked in were selling those super short shorts and I hate those. Anthropologie had a much more modest and comfortable selection of shorts. 
I ended up purchasing these. . .
     Also pictured above is my favorite "spread the word" t-shirt. When I originally purchased it, all it said was, "Start a Resolution" below the recycle symbol. I thought that this was to vague and decided to take a black sharpie to the shirt to write down my resolutions:

"Know your creator!"
"Eat fruit and be raw!

"Drink Water!"
"Sleep long and well!"
"Get sunshine and fresh air!"
 "Be active!"
"Never stop learning!"

     Elsewhere in the mall, I visited a cookware/diningware shop and admired the lovely selection of bamboo and scrapwood bowls, plates, silverware, cutting board, ect. there were. Whenever I have a place of my own I would like to have kitvhenware like this, because it is made out of reusable material.

     The last place I visited was across the street from the mall, Barnes & Noble. Ever since I learned to read at 4 years old I have had a great love affair with books. New books, old books, I adore them all! I believe the simple pleasure of curling up with a good book and reading for hours on end will never leave me. I wasn't able to buy a new book this time around, but like always I took a picture of the ones I wanted so I woulsn't forget the author name and book title, so that next time a could purchase them.

     Skip over to Tuesday evening and my mom and I are off to the farmer's market to stock up on food. Usually we go Wednesday mornings, but we both had to much work to do around the house that needed to be done on Wednesday that we decided to go early. Sadly, for the first time in a long time, the produce was aweful. I ended up only purchasing a box of Bellize Papaya (plus two more single Papaya), a few bunches of Bananas, 3 Red Grapefruit, and a 1/2 gallon of freshly squeezed Honey Tangerine juice. That was the best I could make out with. :-(

     I was in luck though the next day when I stopped by my local Publix while I was out running some errands to see if they had anything good, and boy did they ever! I bought a couple of Pineapple, 20 Ataulfo Mangos, and a few bags of Organic Baby Spinach. Sometimes my local-everday-run-of-the-mill grocery store suprises me with tastey fruity treats! :-)

     Thursday afternoon my mom and I were on our way over to our old friend Scott's House to buy some tomato and bell pepper plants off him for our garden. While there he showed us his garden which has cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, okra, and green bean plants. He also showed us is AWESOME rain water catcher that he utilizes solely for the watering of his garden.

Plants We Bought From Scott
 "Cherokee Purple" Tomato
"Pink Beauty" Tomato
"Goliath" Tomato
"Sun Gold" Tomato
"Lipstick" Bell Pepper

     Now, let's move onto my training for this week. Not only have I already signed up for the 2011 Georgia ING Half Marathon, I have also decided to sign up for the 13.1 Half Marathon 2010 Half Marathon happening in Atlanta by Ogelthorpe University in October. With this race about four months away I am back in training! :-D

Monday (May 3rd)
Morning - An hour of weight and circuit training

Tuesday (March 4th)
Morning - Swam 60 laps alternating swimming style (10 laps freestyle/10 laps backstroke/10 laps butterfly) and 2 minutes holding onto the edge of the pool and kicking my legs in the water as fast as I could (talk about muscle burn!)

Wednesday (March 5th)
Morning - 4 mile trail run with lots of difficult hills (Pace: 6mph)

Afternoon - 40 minute walk (Pace: 4mph)

Evening - 50 crunches

Thursday (March 6th)

Morning - 4.5 mile trail run with lots of difficult hills (Pace: 7mph)

Friday (March 7th)
Early Morning - 40 minute walk (Pace: 3.5mph)
Late Morning/Early Afternoon - 4 mile trail run with lots of difficult hills (Pace: 7mph)

Saturday (March 8th)
Early Morning - 5 mile trail run with lots of difficult hills (Pace: 7mph)

Afterrnoon/Late Afternoon - 10.2 miles biking (Pace: 11 to 12 mph), 2 mile road run (Pace: 6 mph), 2 mile walk (Pace: 3mph), 45 push ups, 40 dips, and 60 criss cross sit ups      19.2 miles total

Sunday (March 9th)

     It has come to my attention that after I posted this blog entry that I made something a bit unlear if you will. I am a Sabbatarian Christian. This means that I believe that Yahweh made the seventh day (Saturday) as the sabbath, and therefore I observe that day as such. 
     In my training log I wrote that I did exercises on Saturday and rested on Sunday. While that is true, the exercises I did on Saturday I did because it was  a BEAUTIFUL day and it inspired me to go out and enjoy the beauty of creation!

     When Sunday came along, my muscles were feeling the affects of my creation enjoying antics so I didn't do any exercises that day.

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