Sunday, January 22, 2012

Better than Chocolate!

     I wasn't kidding when I said that all my Sapote ripened at once. After I got back to my room after making the video I posted last Friday I checked on my Chocolate Sapote again to find every single one of them ripe and ready to eat! To try and keep them from rotting I lined them up on my window sill so that the cold being radiated off of the windows would keep them cool. Needless to say I broke my fast the next day (Saturday) with some delicious "Chocolate" pudding; and oh man was it INCREDIBLE. Who needs cacao when you've got Chocolate Sapote? It was so good that the only thing I ate yesterday was my sapote.

     The recipe for my "Chocolate" pudding will be in my recipe book. I have all my recipes typed up. At the moment I'm just trying to get pictures of some of my best recipes before publishing. One of these pictures I am definitely going to use in my e-book. 

     And like I promised I will give you guys another juice recipe that I came up with during my juice fast. I created more than one but you will have to wait for my e-book to get the rest. However, the following juice I am posting was probably my favorite juice out of all of them; it was mostly because I love the taste of tropical fruit and also because it was probably the simplest and easiest juice to make.

Pineapple Greenie
- 2 ripe pineapple 
- 2 lbs. Organic spinach

Cut pineapple into long strips about an inch wide. 
Leave the skin on if your pineapple is organic and/or 
you have a juicer that can handle the skin, otherwise remove the skin.
Juice the the pineapple and the spinach my alternating between 
a couple spears of pineapple and a large handful of spinach (the pineapple
spears will push the spinach through). Strain juice and enjoy!

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