Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hong Kong Arrival: A Brief Recap and Thoughts

We finally made it to Hong Kong!!!! After all the crazy delays and being rerouted what seemed like a million times (even though it was just a few) we finally made it to the Tai Po Samyuk Secondary School where we will each be shadowing a student for the day.I have mixed feelings about this part, mainly because we lost our "free day" in Hong Kong to explore. The flight from LAX to the Hong Kong airport was a little over 14 hours long. During which time I spent sleeping and watching movies (I was way behind due to school keeping me busy). The food wasn't raw but it was plant based and had some fruit with it. My stomach did not feelnall that great afterwards since it isn't used to eating cooked grains and beans for 3 straight meals. I miss all my yummy sweet fruit but It looks like on this trip I'm not going to get to stay LFRV on this trip but I'm going to try to eat as much fruit as I can get a hold of and remain a plant-based eater when it is unavailable. I just remind myself that when I go.home for the summer after this trip with the Union Scholars, it will be watermelon, mango, and tomato season back at my house where I can have all the fruit I desire. Until then, when I do have Internet available again I will try to post my daily journal entries (required by the Union Scholars program for this trip) as well as a few pictures. It's late now though and I need to be up early. Good night or good morning to you all! :)

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