Friday, February 12, 2010

Training for Half Marathon - Day 32 & 33

Day 32 - Thursday
    Thursday was an intense day for me training wise. I spent 15 minutes in the morning doing some stretching and vigorous weight lifting (I was really panting by the end of it) before I had to get showered and dressed so I could get my daily chores and studies done before my 2:30 chiropractic appointment.

     When 2:30 finally rolled around I got my regular adjustment and electro-heating therapy. Afterwards it was time for my physical therapy with 15 minutes of the leg curl weight machine. I managed 100 front leg reps (10 sets) for both legs , alternating between 20 and 25 lb. weights, as well as 50 back leg reps (5 sets) for each leg using 15 lb. weights.

     As soon as I got home I went for a 20 minute run around my neighborhood. I had to slow down to a fast walk on occasion to catch my breath. It's very hard to run in my neighborhood because it is made up almost entirely of steep hills, so running the whole time is near impossible for me at this point. And later that same evening, I accompanied my mom around the neighborhood for a 20 minute moderately brisk walk while wearing 2 lb. ankle weights.

     My daily eats for this day was 2935 calories, almost 3000 calories! Let me tell you I needed every bite and I had:
  • 3 Honeydew Melon

  • Spicy Spinach Mango Smoothie

1. Put the coconut water & the spinach in the blender.

2. Cut up the mango.

3. Put the mango in the blender.

4. Precede to use teeth to scarp and eat remaining Mango fruit on pit and peel. :-D

5. Add chopped Banana.

6. Blend!

7. Pour, drink, and enjoy!

  • Happy "Caramel" Bars (just take a bite of banana with a bite of Medjool Date)

  • The last two thirds of my durian

My mom and brother can't stand the smell, so I partook of my heavenly bounty on our back porch.
  • 12 Clementines (no pic)
  • 1 Personal sized Sugar Baby watermelon. 

Day 33 - Friday
     I woke up this morning with very sore and stiff legs and arms! But after stretching for about 10 minutes I was just sore. LOL! So I decided to that since it was a little over a week since a I had a true rest day, without any type of intense physical exertion, I settled down in my room to study. 

     Around 2 pm I took a break and came out to get some lunch (A Minty Papaya Smoothie) to discover that it had begun to snow! :-D Around, 3pm, when it became clear that the snow was not going to stop, my family and I  immediantely went out to run some last minute errands before the roads got to icey. 

Even Charlie got dusted! Hehe...

 I hope everyone out there has a wonderful weekend. I know what I'll be doing. . . making a snowman!!!

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  1. It sounds like you've been training hard. The workouts sound intense! Oh, and Charlie is so cute :)