Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fruity Deals

     This morning my mom asked me if I could drive up to Rainbow and Farmer's Market to pick up a few things that she needed, but had forgotten to purchase the last time we were in that area. Since I didn't have any plans this morning and I never pass up the chance to drive my Ford Ranger truck a.k.a Harvey, I agreed. It turns out that my agreeing to go was in my favour, though I didn't know it when I said yes.

     At Farmer's Market, I decided to check out the fruit produce to see if they had any really good bulk fruit buying deals. To my great suprise and fruity delight I found Atfaulo Mangos being sold at $6 a box (26 in a box)!! I immediantly started piling the mangos into my cart; I now have 52 Mangos (only cost me $12) ripening in a box on a kitchen shelf at home! =D

     My good fortune for the day was not yet finished though. Waiting for me when I arrived home was a box of Florida Passion Fruit from Taylor's Tropicals! I am seriously addicted Passion Fruit at the moment and I run out of the delictable fruit far to quickly for my liking. When Passion Fruit goes out of season I will miss it terribly.

     Now for my health and fitness update. Today. . .

Sleep: 7 hours
Sunshine: 30 minutes
Water: 3 liters
Food: Watermelon, Bananas, Banana/Date/Coconut water smoothie, Mango and Papaya
Exercise: 31.5 miles biking at an average speed of 14mph (approx. 80% of the course uphill), 1 mile run 6.5 mph with a 1 mile cool down walk 4mph
Total Calories Burned from Workout: 1056
Workout Length: 110 minutes

     It rained this afternoon so I drove to the gym for the workout you saw above. This gym has a cycling machine that I love to use becasue its built with the peddles, seat, and handle bars built exactly like a real bike. By the time I finished my entire my workout all of my clothes were completely soaked through with sweat and my legs felt a bit like jello. LOL
     Emotionally I felt really really good after such a sweat fest, what with exercise being a major stress reliever for me. I would have kept working out for another 30 minutes if I hadn't gotten an awesful side cramp while I was running. The cramp was pretty bad, so I was forced to slow to a fast walk to cool down my muscles and call it a day.


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  1. Yum and major score on all those mangoes! I love that variety too!