Monday, July 26, 2010


     Hello all! I almost forgot to post today!! After coming home this evening (5pm) and eating dinner (6pm) I passed out on my bed for a good solid two hours. I'm just about ready to climb back into bed and go to sleep again, however, I wanted to give you guys a breif shout out along with a summation of my day first. 

Today. . .

Sleep: 6 hours (plus my 2 hour nap)
Sunshine: 10 minutes (too hot & humid outside to get anymore)
Water: 2 liters
Food: Watermelon, Figgy Carob Pudding with sliced Banana on top, and a mango/coconut water smoothie with a bowl of Cherry & Grape Tomatoes
Exercise: 27.1 miles on bike (avg. speed: 14mph) mostly uphill, 1.5 mile walk uphill 4mph with random sprints 7mph, and some housework (e.g. sweeping, scribbing, laundry, ect.
Total Calories Burned from Workout: 815


     Good night and pleasent dreams to you all!

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