Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let the Training Begin!

     Today was the first day of my New Years resolution to up my training and better my athletic performance. Today I drove over to our local LA Fitness and became a member. I can afford it because the cost of attending our local community college isn't very high and I'm make monthly payments for membership and can terminate my membership whenever or if ever I need to. What's also amazing is that they have all sorts of classes that I can attend without any extra cost (e.g. yoga, kick boxing, pilates, modern dance).

     I spent the next 2 hours working out and having the time of my life! =D I would have like to have done more running but I didn't want to over do it seeing as my right ankle is still recovering from an overuse injury. 
  • Cycling: 13.56 miles - 60 minutes + 2 minutes cool down
  • Elliptical: 1.3 miles - level 5 - 20 minutes + 2 minutes cool down
  • Running: 2.56 miles - 25 minutes + 2 minutes cool down
  • Rowing: 5 minutes
  • Weights: 10 minutes   

     Now for my food for today. . .
  • Breakfast - Smoothie: papaya/blueberry/pineapple/banana/clementine
  • Lunch/Recovery meal -  Smoothie: pineapple/clementine/banana/blueberry/spinach/coconut water
  • Dinner Part 1 - Fuyu persimmons
  • Dinner Part 2 - Honeydew melon
  • Dinner Part 3 - Fuyu persimmons
  • And loads of water through out the day - 3.5 quarts
Couldn't fit in quite as much food into me as I wanted but still very close.

Post Recovery Smoothie (Lunch)

This is only half of what I ate. I almost forgot to take a picture! LOL

     One other lovely addition to my day was the arrival of my Chocolate Sapote from Jordan's Beautiful Foods. Jackpot!

Currently ripening


  1. hello! i have been reading your blog for a few months now and love how proactive you are in your quest for health and fitness. How do you know when chocolate sapote is ripe?

  2. Hello Candice! I'm so glad that you are enjoying my blog. Chocolate sapote is ripe when it becomes super soft to the point of almost falling apart.

  3. may I ask what that app is you have pictured?

  4. It's called CRON-o-Meter. You can google it and download the app for free on your computer.

  5. I wish you'd post recipes like quatnites i miss you posting like this i looked forward to it:)