Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trying and Learning New Things

     So for Friday I decided to use my workout time for experimentation by attending my very first yoga class.   The rest of the day was spent shopping for fruit, cleaning house, and trying to get things in order for the upcoming Spring semester.

     As Saturday is my sabbath, I decided to take the day off. I slept in, ate loads of fresh organic fruit, danced like an idiot in my room to songs from Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, and read for most of the day. It felt good to just let all the stresses of every day life just fade away.

     As for today, Sunday, I went to LA fitness where I had a free appointment with a personal trainer! His name was Gre and my session with him turned out to be very informative. I may have learned a lot about health and fitness, but I still struggle with improving my upper body strength. When I was younger I was incredibly strong from working on a horse farm and all the karate, gymnastics, and swimming I did. Since I haven't had the opportunity to participate in most of those things anymore (besides swimming) it's been difficult to work on toning my arms.

     Gre was very helpful in showing me how to use the equipment as well as giving me advice on how heavy a weight(s) I should use and how many reps. Another great bonus added to this session was that I got to have my BMI (body mass index) and lean muscle mass calculated. So far I'm in a really good range, but I'm aiming to shed a bit more body fat and gain more lean muscle mass. According to Gre, as long as my muscle mass stays the same or increases and my BMI doesn't go below 12% I will be fine. This is going to take some work but I'm up to the challenge. I'm willing to put in the effort to improve my race times!

My body as of 1/9/11:

Age: 19 yrs. & 5 months
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs.
BMI: 18.3%
Muscle Mass: 15.3%

My Sunday Workout (in-order):

Cycling (for warm-up) - 13 min. - 2.54 miles
Weight/strength training with Gre - 30 min.
Running - 40 minutes - 4.21 miles 

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