Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Training for Half Marathon - Day 1

     Ever since going raw and becoming more physically active I have wanted to try running a half marathon. However, my life just wasn't able to make room for it until now. So on March 21, 2009 I will be running a half marathon race with my best friend Terra for the very first time!

     The half marathon is in 69 days (including today), and I have training schedule that lasts that amount of time. I will be following it as closely to the letter as possible. The only change I am making to it may be which days to be the rest days, but with a little bit of smart juggling around I can fit this training into my life for the next couple of months.

     Yesterday (January 11th) was my first day of training and the schedule called for stretching and strength training. I accomplished this by doing 30 minutes of stretching, 8 minutes of sit-ups and push-ups, and 22 minutes of weight circuits.

This whole project has me really excited! I can't wait to reach my goal!!
Wish me luck.

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