Monday, January 18, 2010

Training for Half Marathon - Days 6, 7, & 8

DAY 6 - Saturday
      Saturday was the day I started cutting the last of my wisdom teeth, and thus, was reduced to smoothies, juices, clementines, and melons. Any sort of intense chewing would leave my whole jaw throbbing, so I consumed more fruits the usual, but I still had a green grape smoothie to get my Popeye fuel! :-D LOL.
     As for my half marathon training, Saturday was wet, rainy, and COLD! I spent the entire day indoors on my computer and nursing my aching mouth. In the evening I spent 30 minutes doing a series of calisthenic and aerobic exercise with a little some weights thrown into a few exercises.

DAY 7 - Sunday
     On my training schedule was a 4 mile run, but with my knee problems I have to have an extra "low key" day, otherwise my knee joints start to ache. Instead I went for a 35 minute, 4 mph walk with my mom at the mall. Up the stairs and down the stairs we went! I'm sure many of the people at the mall thought we were on something, which we were. That something is called raw food! :-D

DAY 8 - Monday (Today)
     This morning I had another appointment with my chiropractor. He had examined my x-rays and confirmed that the left side of my hip was "off center" so to speak which has been causing the misdistribution of pressure on my knees, thus the discomfort. So over a course of sessions every couple of days, he will be repositioning my left hip by manually "popping" it into a new position and following it up with electro hot and cold therapy. He also recommends doing some physical therapy to strengthen my knee joints and increase the flexibility in my upper legs as he gradually repositions the left side of my hip.

     Today was an unusually warm day (61 degrees F) so I took my dog, Charlie, out for a walk/run around the neighborhood before practicing my karate forms in the garage with my brother.

     My wisdom teeth are almost fully in now. I know this is going to give my dentist a bit of a surprise the next time I go see him in his office, he said that my last two wisdom teeth were stuck beneath my gums and weren't ever going to surface. What can I say? I am just full of surprises. *chuckle*

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