Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keep it simple and stay motivated!

For the past couple of weeks I have really been increasing my exercising regime.: swimming laps and speed walking with intermittent sprints mostly. I really feel like I am getting into the swing of things and am looking to bump it up a little. The humidity in Georgia is beginning to lighten up so jogging/running is back on the agenda. I have also found a yoga class (I hope they have a spot open) which I hope to sign up for, and I finally cleaned out the garage and set the karate/work out room back up with a punching bag.

I think exercising is quite easy of you can find a form of exercise you really love and/or when you can find a reason to WANT to exercise. This morning for example, I woke up and did not want to drive to the pool to do my laps, but I knew that is I didn't I would miss out on the majority of good quality exercise for the day and would being messing up fitness training. So I found something to motivate me to get my butt out of bed, into the car, and to the pool. I remembered how good I had felt in Europe where I walked practically ALL DAY LONG. I remembered how GOOD I had been felling these past few days after swimming laps every morning and I realized that I wanted to feel that way today, so I got up and went out. When I got there I wound up feeling so energized that I wound up swimming an extra 10 laps! So in the end I swam 40 laps in 25 minutes rather than my usual 30 laps in 19 minutes. It paid off and I've been feeling really good with a positive and productive attitude.

Tomorrow I am starting on some strength and resistance training and I really REALLY want to get a bike so I can start cycling. I have never wanted to do all this stuff so much before and actually went through with it. I really believe that if you can find a good and influential reason to to get fit, that it will motivate you and lead you to success!!

Today I was also in a very simple mood. I didn't want a lot of different stuff meshed together so today I went for simple and it was incredibly refreshing! :) It went something like this:
  • Breakfast: 8 cups of watermelon (so sweet and juicy!)
  • Lunch: 2 cups of chopped spinach and basil leaves topped off with asparagus and fresh picked yellow and red tomatoes from the garden.
  • Afternoon juice: 16 oz. of green juice
  • Supper: Quart of smoothie - 4 mango, 4 bananas, a handful of strawberries & blueberries, and a bit of raw honey.
On my 1 to 10 simple eating scale (1 being the simples, 10 the most complex) I would say today was about a 3. I find the simpler I eat, the better I feel and preform through out the day. Just enjoying each individual flavour is really a delightful experience!

So go out there and have fun! Move around, enjoy the simple things in life when you can, and above all else . . . SMILE!! :D

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